Placement on the map

Canada was still an colony of the United Kingdom and France. But it was acting on his own because it wanted to be independent. The Provinces you have at the start of the game are:
  • Canada proper

Country traits

Wealthy nation

The Canadian Naval force received subsidies from the government, where you have more money to spend

Advanced manufacturing technology

Because the Canadians are wealthy they have access to more advanced production tech, thus decreasing resource costs

Partly reluctant government

The french part of the government was against war development, so militairy development is more expansive. Also does Canada gets an extra decrease at morale when war is declared. This makes it less interesting to start a war.

Struggle for independance

The canadian civilication wants to be independent against the United Kingdom, which makes them less likely to form an alliance with the United Kingdom


Assimilate the French


  • 75 Diplomatic power


  • -15 Karma
  • Increased relations between Canada and the United Kingdom
  • +10 Morale
  • +10% Chance of your government accepting proposals for war

Tighten bonds with the USA


  • 20 Diplomatic power


  • Canada allies the USA
  • +1 Diplomatic power per turn

Conscript paratroopers


  • 175 Fuel
  • 3.500 Money


  • +20% Occupation speed


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