Placement on the map

The kingdom of Denmark is the southernmost of the Nordic countries. The provinces at the start of the game are:
  • Denmark
  • The Danish west indies
  • Greenland
  • Iceland

Country traits

Sympathies towards Germany

During world war 2 Denmark helds a positive relation toward Nazi Germany. This makes it easier for peace and trade agreements with each other.

Coherent populance

The population of Denmark keeps his morale high, and it increases with terratory loss. This makes Denmark a more dangerous opponement When its terratory is conquered.

No aggressive leaders

The government of Denmark was against war. Which makes it unable to declare war. This makes Denmark a passive country in war

Strategic retreat

During a battle, Denmark has a higher change for a morale breakdown, which makes them weaker.


Assimimilate Norway


  • Less than -15 Karma
  • 50 Diplomatic power


  • Neutral cedes Norway to Denmark

Smuggle jews to Sweden


  • Positive karma
  • 10 Diplomatic power


  • +1 Diplomatic power per turn
  • +1 Karma each turn
  • +10 Morale
  • -5% Production

Fortify Greenland


  • 125.000 Money
  • 5 Diplomatic power


  • +25 Steel per turn
  • -12.500 Money per turn
  • Nuuk gains population
  • Lower relations between Denmark and Canada


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