Placement on the map

Japan is the empire of the rising sun, the entire population worshipped the emperor. The provinces you have at the start of the game are:
  • Japan proper
  • Manchuria

Country traits

For the emperor!

Because the entire country worshipped the emperor they are prepared to do anything for him. So the army will never retreat or will the morale break.

Approval of war

The mainland of japan lacked in resources, so japan was focused on conquering land for resources. This makes it easier for you to start a war with other countries.

Infertile land

The mainland does not produce a lot of resources therefor you have to obtain your resources elsewhere

Trade embargo

When you are at war, you will receive a trade embargo wich makes it unable for you to establish a trade. This makes it unable for Japan to rely entirely on trades


Bomb Pearl Harbour


  • Less than -25 karma
  • 200 Fuel
  • 6.000 Money


  • Japan declares war on the USA
  • The USA cedes Pearl Harbour to Japan
  • +15 Morale
  • +5% Combat damage

Finish Sino-Japanese war


  • Less than -10 Karma
  • 2.500 Fuel
  • 4.000 Steel
  • 17.500 Money


  • -20 Karma
  • Neutral cedes Chinese coast to Japan
  • +10 Morale
  • The USA embargo's Japan

Economical ship design


  • -15% Ship construction cost
  • -7,25% Combat damage


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