Placement on the map

The Netherlands is a small trading nation with its capital stationed in Amsterdam, Europe. The provinces at the start of the game are:

  • The Netherlands
  • Indonesia
  • Suriname

Country traits

Trading nation

Every time you make a succesful trade you will earn more money compared to other countries, which stimulates creating friendly bonds with other countries.

Respected state

Because the Netherlands took a big role in the history of Europe it gains a lot of respects from the other countries, and with that respect it is easier for the Netherlands to establish diplomatic relations.

Outdated military technology

After the 80 years war the Netherlands stopped the research on the military developments. So if you want to research the military you will have to pay more research points.

Protection of the colonies

Th Netherlands holds a lot of values towards the colonies. So when another countries conquers the colonies the morale for the rest of the country drops.


Reestablish privateers


  • Less than -25 karma
  • 2.500 Money


  • +400 Money per turn
  • +50 Jewelry per turn
  • -1 Diplomatic power per turn

Assert naval dominance


  • Is at war


  • -5% Steel production
  • +7,5% Combat damage

Increase spice export


  • -50 Spices per turn
  • +4.500 Money per turn


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