Placement on the map

The Third Reich is the country used to depict nazi Germany. The lands that are occupied by the Third Reich at the start of the game are :

  • Germany Proper
  • Austria
  • Königsberg and old Prussian lands
  • Cameroon

Country traits

Industrial prowess

This trait gives the Third Reich a higher base production. It makes up for the lack of own production.

Interest for technology

The germans research warfare technology a lot cheaper and generate more science overall. This gives them a large technological advantage over most countries.

Lunatic leader

The Third Reich has a tendency to get weird and strategically inadvisable missions, which makes it harder to play your own game.

Disgracefull ethnical decisions

The governments of other countries are far less likely to accept german diplomatic actions. Which makes the diplomatic game for the Third Reich pretty hard.


Establish destruction camps


  • Less than -40 karma
  • 200.000 Money


  • -100 Karma
  • +10 Morale
  • +10% Production

Blitzkrieg the French


  • 500 Fuel
  • 250 Steel


  • -10 Karma
  • Neutral cedes France to the Third Reich

Extreme drafting


  • -20 Karma
  • -15 Morale
  • +25% Population per turn


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