Placement on the map

The USSR was the first country were the government was in the hands of communists. It's also the biggest country that you can play. The provinces you start at the game are:
  • Russia proper
  • Kazakhstan

Country traits

Strength in numbers

The strength of the USSR army was mostly manpower, this makes the USSR army stronger when you use the maximum of your manpower. So the USSR is a dangerous opponement when it is al out in battle.

Sharing is caring

The entire USSR is ruled by the communism, where everybody is equal and everybody works to the same goal. This increases the production and morale.

Communist idealism

Because of the communalism other countries are less likely to undergo dimplomacy actions. with makes it harder for the USSR to form friendly interactions.

Swarming strategies

Most part of the population of the USSR is at the battlefield fighting, this gives an negative amount in the population growth. So the USSR receives less population.


Strengthen the East


  • 1.5mln Money
  • 3.000 Population


  • Create city in Kamchatka region

Invest in military


  • 100 Fuel
  • 350 Steel
  • 15.000 Money


  • +10 Morale
  • +5% Combat damage

Reclaim Manchuria



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