Good afternoon dear fans,

Today is a very special day. After some talking Fairy Engineering has acquired Admirals Harbour and will continue it's development from now on. I will talk you in on what will change following this acquisition.

​Staff change

There will be some small staff changes following this acquisition. This project started as an assignment for school and now that the assignment is finished two of our members decided to drop out after the acquisition. We will say goodbye to Mitchell Groen and Sebastiaan de Jager. We wish them a lot of luck in their study and thank them for the work they did for Admirals Harbour. Next to that Ilan Hartskeerl is now an integral part of the development team of Admirals Harbour as he was brought in through Fairy Engineering.

​Surface Change​s

There will also be some notable changes to the player. First of all the domain of the website changed, you will now have to navigate to this website in order to find the Admirals Harbour game. Secondly with the departure of Mitchell we also lose our lovely assistant Ruri. The site will surely be a bit empty without her for now but we will do our best to do something about this in the next patch. The game will also be on shutdown for a few months until we finished some major patching.

The date of the next major patch is not yet known but we will make sure to keep you guys posted on any updates and changes to the game!


CEO of Fairy Engineering, Project lead of Admirals Harbour